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VSBfonds Scholarship for International Study: Complete your Master’s degree with funding of up to €10,000.

Are you a dedicated student who wishes to enhance your academic career through international education? The VSBfonds Scholarship, provided by Radboud University, offers bachelors and masters graduates a wonderful opportunity to realize their dream of studying abroad. With grants of up to €10,000, the initiative aims to help ambitious students pursue higher education across borders.

Designed for Masters and Bachelors degree graduates.

This prestigious scholarship is designed for full-time students completing their bachelor’s or master’s degree. Whether you are graduating from a bachelor’s program or have successfully completed a master’s degree, this scholarship invites you to embark on a transformative educational experience abroad.

Your Path to Excellence: Masters Without the Need for a Bachelor’s Degree

For those who are eager to excel in their educational journey, this grant recognizes the potential of individuals who do not have a bachelor’s degree but aspire to pursue a master’s degree. This unique approach opens doors for determined students to pursue their education without traditional barriers.

Unleash the power of online master’s degree no bachelors required.

Keeping in view the changing landscape of education, this grant embraces the digital age. It accommodates the dynamic environment of online master’s degrees, making it a great opportunity for individuals who want to enhance their experience in a flexible virtual learning environment. Forget the traditional bachelor’s degree requirement and jump right into your master’s journey.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this exceptional grant, certain conditions must be met:

  • Have Dutch nationality or have a clear connection to the Netherlands.
  • Demonstrate a high level of motivation and command of the language of the chosen study destination.
  • Develop a comprehensive study plan that aligns with your entire program of study, demonstrating your dedication and foresight.

Take your chance

The VSBfonds Scholarship not only provides financial support, but also allows you to choose an accredited educational institution abroad. The institution must meet the quality standards of the host country’s government or be aligned with Dutch higher education standards. With the flexibility to design your own academic path, this scholarship is your springboard for global learning and personal growth.

Prove your command of English with Duolingo.

Since English is often the common language of instruction, it is important to demonstrate your language skills. The Duolingo English Test (DET) offers an easy and affordable option to verify your English skills, ensuring your readiness for international study. Accepted by thousands of universities worldwide, this online exam is a gateway to your academic aspirations.


The VSBfonds scholarship, administered by Radboud University, is a support model for ambitious students. With its focus on international education, flexibility in educational pathways, and dedication to building global citizens, this grant opens doors to transformative experiences. Enter the world of possibilities, broaden your horizons and unleash your talents with a VSBfonds grant.

€10,000 Scholarship for online master’s degree no bachelors required

Scholarship Worth: €10,000
Boost your academic career with a €10,000 scholarship designed for those pursuing an online master’s degree, regardless of bachelor’s degree. Embrace the freedom of flexible virtual learning while receiving substantial financial support.

Application process
Find out more about VSBfonds study grants, eligibility criteria and application procedures on their official website. Complete the application form available on the same platform to start your scholarship search.

Radboud University Scholarships
In collaboration with Radboud University, this initiative is in line with the institution’s commitment to global education. Elevate your learning experience and broaden your horizons under the guidance of a renowned research-based university.

Seize this opportunity to set yourself up for academic success, laying the foundation for a knowledge-rich future.


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