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Introducing Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship from Global Universities

The World Universities Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship  is a prestigious opportunity designed to support high-achieving Australian students and leaders to pursue postgraduate studies at some of the world’s leading academic institutions. Established in honor of Paul Ramsay, the aim of this scholarship is to provide young Australians with the opportunity to undertake postgraduate courses and research programs at the world’s best universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Harvard, Princeton and Bologna. Institutions like In this comprehensive guide, we will go over the key aspects of this scholarship program, including the eligibility criteria, benefits and application process.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the World Universities Ramsay Graduate Scholarship, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Acceptance into a graduate program abroad: Applicants must be enrolled in a graduate program at a world-renowned foreign university. This is an important prerequisite before finalizing the scholarship application.

Australian Citizenship or Permanent Resident: The scholarship is exclusively available to Australian citizens or permanent residents who are pursuing postgraduate studies at top international universities.

Exclusion of Undergraduate Studies: The scholarship does not support undergraduate studies. This is especially true for graduate programs. Additionally, it does not cover clinical research beyond the scope of a master’s or doctoral degree. programs, postdoctoral research, visiting fellowships or other research appointments.

Full-time Study: There are generally no scholarships available for part-time study or executive education programs. Applicants must be committed to full-time graduate study.

Scholarship Benefits

The World Universities Ramsay graduate students scholarships offers substantial benefits to successful recipients:

Funding: The scholarship is valued at AU$90,000 and provides significant financial support to cover various costs associated with postgraduate studies.

Coverage of Accommodation and Tuition Costs: Recipients can use scholarship funds to cover both accommodation costs and tuition costs at an international university of their choice.

Related Expenses: In addition to tuition and living expenses, scholarships can also be used to cover related educational expenses, ensuring that recipients fully support themselves in their graduate programs without financial limitations. can drown

Application process

Applying for the World Universities Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship involves a comprehensive process. Here’s a breakdown of the key steps:

Secured Admission Abroad: Before applying for the scholarship, candidates must secure admission to a graduate program at a world-renowned international university. This forms the basis of your scholarship application.

Prepare Application Materials: Applicants must collect and prepare various documents and materials, including:

Proof of Australian Citizenship or Permanent Residency: This document serves as confirmation of the applicant’s eligibility for the scholarship.

B. University Offer Letter: Candidates have to submit an offer letter from their chosen university. They can list three preferred universities in order of preference.

C. Research Proposal (if applicable): If the graduate program includes a research component, applicants must submit a research proposal outlining the research focus and objectives.

d Academic Summary: Candidates must provide a complete academic summary, including details of institutions attended, degrees earned, academic record, and any relevant awards or honors.

my Curriculum Vitae (CV): A 2-page CV describing academic and professional achievements should be included.

F. Responses to Selection Criteria: In general, applicants must respond to specific selection criteria stated in the scholarship application.

Contact Details of Chosen Three Referees: Applicants must provide contact information for three referees who can attest to their academic and leadership abilities.

Submission: Once all required materials are ready, candidates can submit their scholarship applications before the due date.


The World Universities Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship offers an opportunity to Australian students. a golden opportunity to pursue their graduate studies at esteemed international universities. Founded in honor of Paul Ramsay, this scholarship is a testament to his commitment to supporting young leaders in achieving their academic and career goals. By providing substantial financial support, it enables recipients to embark on their educational journeys abroad with the world’s best institutions.


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