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Colfuturo Scholarship for Columbia Students at the University of East Anglia

1. Introduction to the COLFUTURO and UEA alliance

The COLFUTURO Foundation was established in Colombia in 1991 as a partnership between the government and leading private companies. Its main objective is to support Colombian nationals in obtaining high-quality postgraduate studies abroad. One of its key partnerships is with the university of east anglia scholarships (UEA), a leading research university in Norwich, England.

2. Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the COLFUTURO Scholarship at UEA, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • COLFUTURO users.
  • You must have Colombian nationality or reside in Colombia.
  • They must be Columbia graduate students currently enrolled at UEA.

3. Scholarship Benefits

According to the agreement between UEA and COLFUTURO, students who qualify for the scholarship will receive the following tuition cost reductions:

  • 100% Tuition Scholarship for Master’s Student: Each year, COLFUTURO may nominate a graduate student for a 100% tuition scholarship at UEA. This means that the selected student will not have to pay any tuition fee.
  • 25% discount on the cost of tuition for other Masters students: All other students from Colombia who benefit from COLFUTURO and are studying for a best scholarships for graduate students¬†will receive a 25% discount on the cost of tuition. It reduces the financial burden on students while studying abroad.
  • 20% tuition discount for doctoral students: Colombian students enrolled in a doctoral program at UEA through COLFUTURO will enjoy a 20% tuition discount for each year of their studies. This concession is available for up to three years, making it more affordable to pursue a PhD.

4. How Scholarships Help Columbia Students

The alliance between COLFUTURO and UEA aims to give Colombian students greater access to quality education opportunities abroad. By offering these scholarships and tuition fee reductions, both organizations make it easier for Columbia students to earn advanced degrees in a prestigious international environment. This support extends to various academic levels, including master’s and doctoral programs.

University Of East Anglia Apply

To take advantage of this scholarship opportunity, eligible Colombian students must follow the application guidelines provided by COLFUTURO and UEA. This usually involves submitting the necessary documents, meeting the admission requirements, and applying within the specified period. By following the application process, students can ensure that they have the opportunity to benefit from the tuition fee reduction provided by the COLFUTURO Scholarship at UEA.

6. Impact on Columbia Education and Research

The collaboration between COLFUTURO and UEA has a positive impact on Colombian education and research. It encourages talented individuals to pursue higher education opportunities that would otherwise be financially out of reach. By studying at UEA, Colombian academics contribute to the international academic community while also gaining skills and knowledge that can be used to further develop their home country.

7. Conclusion

Offered in partnership with the University of East Anglia, the Colfoto Scholarship offers a valuable opportunity for Colombian students to pursue postgraduate study abroad. Through scholarships and tuition fee waivers, eligible students can overcome financial barriers and access a top-notch education at UEA. This association not only benefits individual scholars, but also contributes to the advancement of education and research at Columbia and internationally.

COLFUTURO Scholarship Application Process at UEA

If you are a COLFUTURO beneficiary and intend to enroll at the University of East Anglia (UEA) from September 2020, you have a great opportunity. COLFUTURO may select one best scholarships for graduate students each year to receive a notable 100% tuition scholarship from UEA. This means that if you are a selected student, your tuition fees will be covered in full, making your education hassle-free.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must already be a beneficiary of COLFUTURO. This scholarship is specifically for Colombian students who have received support from Colfutoro. If you meet this criteria and intend to pursue a Master’s degree at UEA, you may be the lucky candidate.


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