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UEA Colfuturo Partner Award (Masters): Empowering Colombian academics


The UEA Colfuturo Partner Award (Masters) is a major open door scholarship collaboration between the University of East Anglia (UEA) and COLFUTURO, a Colombian non-profit foundation that provides opportunities for Colombian citizens to pursue high-quality postgraduate studies abroad.

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This initiative is a testament to UEA’s commitment to promoting international education and recognizing academic excellence in Colombian academics. This article discusses the importance of the UEA Colfuturo Partner Award, the benefits it offers, the fields and sectors covered, the application period and the application process.


The UEA Colfuturo Partner Award (Masters) is more than just financial aid. It is a gateway to quality education and recognition of academic achievements. The main benefits of this award are:

  • Financial Support: The scholarship offers a substantial reduction in tuition fees to Colombian students

  • pursuing postgraduate studies at UEA:

  • Masters students: One COLFUTURO beneficiary may be nominated by COLFUTURO each year for a 100% UEA tuition open door scholarship.

  • All other COLFUTURO UEA Master’s students receive a 25% discount on UEA tuition.Doctoral Students: COLFUTURO Doctoral students can receive a 20% tuition discount for each year of study up to three years.

This reduction significantly reduces the financial burden of pursuing a graduate education and makes UEA an attractive option for Colombian academics.

Recognition of excellence: The UEA Colfuturo Partner Award is a recognition of academic excellence and the potential of Colombian academics. It recognizes your dedication to your field of study and your commitment to advancing your knowledge.

Access to quality education: UEA is known for its world-class teaching and research. With this scholarship, Columbia students gain access to a prestigious institution where they can pursue their academic aspirations and make valuable contributions to their chosen fields.

Sectors and Departments:

The UEA Colfuturo Partner Award (Masters) applies to various fields and disciplines at UEA. Although the scholarship covers mostly Masters and Doctorate programs, the following fields and fields are of particular note:

  • Business and Management: Ideal for students interested in business administration, entrepreneurship and management studies.

  • Social Sciences: Programs include sociology, psychology, international development and related fields.

  • Environmental Science: Suitable for people passionate about environmental sustainability, climate change and conservation.

  • Humanities: Covers subjects such as literature, history, philosophy and the arts for those with a strong interest in the humanities.

  • Health Sciences: Provides open door scholarship for students to pursue careers in medicine, nursing, public health and health management.


Future Colombian academics interested in the UEA Colfuturo Partner Award (Master’s Degree) should take note of the application deadline. Although specific deadlines may vary depending on the COLFUTURO nomination process and the UEA admission deadline, it is important to be aware of the application deadline. As this scholarship is available to COLFUTURO recipients enrolled at UEA from September 2020 onwards, it is important to plan accordingly and ensure you meet your specific program deadline.

Application Process:

The application process for the UEA Colfuturo Partner Award (Master’s Degree) involves several steps:

  • COLFUTURO Nomination: To be considered for this scholarship, you must be a COOLFUTURO beneficiary. COLFUTURO typically nominates one Master’s student each year for a 100% UEA tuition scholarship.

  • Make sure you meet COLFUTURO’s eligibility criteria and follow their nomination process.

  • Course application: After being nominated by COLFUTURO, you must apply to the postgraduate course of your choice at UEA. Make sure you meet the admission requirements for the chosen program.

  • Automatic consideration: After receiving an offer of admission to UEA, you will automatically be considered for a UEA Colfuturo Partner Award. There is no need to submit a separate application for this scholarship.

  • Tuition Reductions: If you are selected for a scholarship, tuition reductions will be applied in accordance with the terms and conditions of the award. This means you will benefit from lower tuition fees for your Masters program at UEA.


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