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Central European University (CEU) Summer School Grant – Enhancing Doctoral Research through Global Learning


The CEU Summer schools first scholarship is a prestigious opportunity for comprehensive post-doctoral CEU students to enrich their academic and research experience by attending high-quality postgraduate summer schools. CEU, known for its commitment to academic excellence and international engagement, offers this scholarship to help students pursue summer programs that align with their research interests. This article will consider the details of the CEU Summer School Scholarship, including eligibility criteria, benefits, application process, and the importance of global learning experiences in doctoral education.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the CEU Summer schools first scholarship applicants must meet certain criteria:

Enrollment: All registered CEU post-integral doctoral students may apply. In exceptional cases, students whose comprehensive exams are scheduled for the fall after completing first-year obligations may also be considered.

Scholarship Benefits

The CEU Summer schools first scholarship offers several valuable benefits to its recipients:

Funding: The grant covers travel and accommodation costs, course fees (with the option to apply for a fee waiver), and a living allowance for meals (if not included in the course fee).

Global Learning: By facilitating attendance at international summer schools, the grant provides students with a unique opportunity to engage with diverse academic and cultural perspectives.

Research Enhancement: Participation in summer schools that align with their research topics allows students to deepen their knowledge and acquire new skills, directly benefiting their ongoing doctoral research.

Application Process

The application process for the CEU Summer schools first scholarship is comprehensive and designed to ensure that deserving students are supported by:

Completed Application Form: Applicants must submit a completed summer school grant application form signed by their supervisor.

Summer School Information: Applicants should provide information about their chosen summer school, including a brochure or call for applications, and details of associated fees.

Letter of Acceptance: Applicants must include an acceptance letter from the summer school confirming their participation.

Statement of Purpose: A one-page statement of purpose or motivation letter is required, explaining how participation in the summer school will benefit your research.

Supervisor Support: A letter from the applicant’s supervisor is required. The letter should support the request, explain how the summer school will benefit from the research, and confirm that the courses are not offered in CEU or that they extend existing CEU courses.

Transcript: Applicants must include their CEU transcript (unofficial transcript is acceptable) demonstrating their academic record.

Importance of Global Learning

The CEU Summer School Scholarship recognizes the importance of global learning experiences in the doctoral education pathway:

Diverse Perspectives: International summer schools expose students to diverse cultural and academic perspectives, fostering a deeper understanding of global issues and different research methods.

Specialized knowledge: These programs often offer specialized courses not available at the home institution, allowing students to gain unique experience and broaden their educational horizons.

Networking opportunities: Participation in international events provides opportunities for students to connect with academics and colleagues from around the world, facilitate academic collaboration and expand their professional network.

Research Enrichment: Exposure to various teaching methods and research methodologies can significantly enhance a student’s research skills and ultimately contribute to the development of their field of study.


The CEU Summer schools first scholarship represents CEU’s commitment to developing global citizens and promoting academic excellence. By offering financial aid to attend prestigious summer schools, CEU empowers its doctoral students to engage with the academic diversity of the world and strengthen their research efforts.

As the application deadline approaches in April 2024, eligible CEU students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to advance their research, broaden their perspectives and contribute to the global academic conversation. pick up This grant serves as a testament to CEU’s commitment to providing holistic educational experiences that transcend borders and disciplines.


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