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Edworks specializes in scholarship preparation melbourne and private school scholarship exams, entrance exams for accelerated programs such as SEALs, and screened entrance exams for prestigious institutions such as Melbourne High School, McBertson Girls High School, The Nossal Offers a comprehensive program to achieve. Secondary School and John Monash School of Science.

With over three decades of dedicated training, EdWorks has created programs that seamlessly introduce students to core academic areas that are critically tested in both scholarship and selective entrance exams. Our vast experience provides unparalleled knowledge of the best strategies to prepare students for successful exam performance.

After completing the Supplemental Skills Assessment, we assess your child’s ability in all core areas. Based on this assessment, a carefully designed program is selected to meet your child’s various educational needs. By replicating authentic test conditions and providing additional practice tests, we equip your child with the maximum advantage to progress in their testing endeavors.

Covering scholarship preparation melbourne and even sports scholarships melbourne schools, our programs remain flexible while following our proven methodology. Trust Adorx to take your child to the heights of exam success, using our rigorous techniques and unwavering commitment to academic excellence.

Melbourne University Scholarship Details:

Number of Awards: Approximately 50 exceptional students with a strong academic record will receive scholarships for undergraduate programs at the University of Melbourne.

Deadline: Applications must be submitted by 30 November 2023.

Country: Australia (study in australia for free undergraduate)

Financial coverage: Partially funded

Eligible Regions: Students from all countries except Australia and New Zealand can apply.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Open to international students from all countries (except Australia and New Zealand).
  • Applicants must have an offer letter from the University of Melbourne.
  • Completion of valedictorian high school or equivalent, placing applicant in top 3%.
  • Minimum requirements include:
  • 3A* at A-levels (minimum 93%)
  • At least 98% of Australian Foundation studies
  • A score of at least 42 on the International Baccalaureate
  • A minimum GPA of 3.9, an SAT of at least 1500, or an ACT of at least 31 (US High School System).
  • Cumulative score 97% (Canadian secondary school system).
  • An aggregate score of at least 95% (Indian Secondary School System).
  • A cumulative score of at least 90% (Vietnamese high school system).
  • Applicants have not completed any previous tertiary studies.


  • The scholarship covers $10,000 in tuition for the first year of an undergraduate program at the University of Melbourne.
  • 50% fee reduction for the next 3 years.
  • Alternatively, a full fee waiver is possible for the next three years on the basis of maintaining excellent academic performance and meeting university requirements.
  • An opportunity to study at one of Australia’s best universities.

Apply now for the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship and stand a chance to excel in your academic journey at the prestigious University of Melbourne in Australia.

Application Process:

No separate application is required for Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarships.
Students with an unconditional offer from the University of Melbourne and qualified academic results will automatically be considered.
Apply to a University of Melbourne undergraduate program following the regular admissions procedure to be automatically considered for a scholarship.

Note: Application fee is required. No fee waivers are available.

Melbourne Undergraduate Scholarship study in australia for free undergraduate Deadline:

February/March 2024 Intake Last Date: 30 November 2023.
Applicable to all students applying to an undergraduate program at the University of Melbourne.

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