Phy301 Assignment Solution 1 Spring 2022

Phy301 Assignment Solution 1 Spring 2022


In this post, I have Phy301 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022. Download Phy301Assignment 1 Solution File with a single click. Download past papers from our website. You can Download all VU Assignments, GDB, and Quiz Solutions from our website. If you have any trouble then Contact Us.


Important Instructions:

To solve this assignment, you should have good command over the first 6 lectures.
Upload assignments as MS Word file through LMS, (No Assignment will be accepted through email).
Write your ID on the top of your solution file.
All students are directed to use the font and style of text as is used in this document.

Don’t use colorful backgrounds in your solution files.

Use Math Type or Equation Editor etc. for mathematical symbols.

No excuse will be accepted by anyone if found to be copying or letting others copy.

Don’t wait for the last date to submit your assignment.
You can draw circuit diagrams in “Paint” in “Corel Draw” or in “circuit maker”. The simple and easy way is to copy the given figure in “Paint” and do the required changes to it.


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