`NTNU International Master’s Program Low-competition, Fee-free Opportunity for International Students 2023

NTNU International Master’s Program:  for International Students

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Norway offers excellent Fee-free Opportunity for international students to pursue a master’s degree. NTNU offers tuition-free international master’s programs to ensure that the best and most qualified students are enrolled in the program of their choice. This article examines the less competitive and tuition-free advantages of NTNU’s International Master’s Program that allows an international student to take advantage of this unique opportunity for her 2021-2022 academic session.

Low competition and admission standards:

NTNU’s International Master’s Program offers students a promising opportunity to secure admission without intense competition. The University strives to attract excellent international students with the necessary qualifications and high academic achievement. By targeting low-competitive scholarship, prospective students are more likely to be noticed and secured into your program.

Tuition-free master’s programs:

One of the most attractive aspects of the NTNU International Master’s Program is that tuition is free for international students. Unlike many universities around the world, NTNU does not charge tuition fees to international students admitted to her two-year master’s degree program taught in English. This policy provides a level playing field for all students, regardless of their economic background, allowing them to focus on their studies and academic progress.

Extensive English Programs:

NTNU offers a variety of two-year international master’s programs taught entirely in English. This approach to English education allows international students to easily integrate into the academic environment of the university and to study comfortably. Programs span multiple disciplines, including engineering, technology, science, social sciences, and humanities, covering a wide range of academic interests.

Quality teaching and research opportunities:

Her NTNU, one of Norway’s leading universities, is known for its high academic standards and outstanding research. International students enrolled in the International Master’s Program benefit from the university’s state-of-the-art facilities, world-class faculty, and collaborative research opportunities. The emphasis on hands-on learning equips students with valuable skills and prepares them for successful careers in their chosen field.

Cultural and social experience:

Besides the academic benefits, studying at NTNU offers international students a unique cultural and social experience. Norway’s rich cultural heritage, scenic landscapes and vibrant student life all contribute to a rich and fulfilling school trip. NTNU also fosters a diverse and inclusive community, providing low-competition scholarship international students with ample opportunities to connect with students from around the world and forge lifelong friendships.

Application process and deadlines:

To apply for the NTNU International Master’s Program, interested students must complete the online application form and submit all required documents within the established deadlines. It is important to review the specific eligibility criteria and any additional requirements for your chosen program. Adherence to application deadlines is essential to ensure consideration for admission.


The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) offers an excellent opportunity for international students to obtain a tuition-free master’s degree. By focusing on low-competition scholarship, a student can increase her chances of admission to NTNU’s international master’s program. The combination of quality education, the variety of programs we offer, and the welcoming cultural environment make NTNU an excellent choice for international students wishing to pursue their academic goals in Norway.

NTNU is an internationally renowned university with multiple campuses in Trondheim, Ålesund and Jevik. Widely recognized for its leading profile in science and technology, it offers a wide range of professional study programs. What sets NTNU apart, however, is not only the STEM disciplines, but the incredible breadth of low-competition scholarship that spans the humanities, social sciences, economics, medicine, health sciences, education, architecture, entrepreneurship, and various arts disciplines

What makes NTNU remarkable is its commitment to providing a low-competition learning environment. Despite its prestigious reputation, the university strives to foster a collaborative atmosphere among its students, encouraging cooperation and mutual support. This approach allows students to grow academically and personally without the added pressure of fierce competition typical of reputable institutions.

NTNU’s focus on low competition also extends to the admissions process. While maintaining high academic standards, the university emphasizes the holistic development of its students. Therefore, in addition to academic achievement, NTNU also recognizes the importance of extracurricular activities, leadership skills, community involvement and personal development. This integrated approach ensures that qualified candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences have equal opportunities to continue their education at NTNU.

NTNU’s non-competitive environment also extends to research opportunities. Faculty members actively collaborate with students and encourage them to undertake groundbreaking research projects and contribute to the advancement of their respective fields. Hands-on participation in research allows students to gain valuable hands-on experience and develop critical thinking skills while working alongside experienced professors and researchers and Fee-free Opportunity .

Furthermore, NTNU’s commitment to reducing competition extends to the support services it provides to students. The university offers comprehensive academic instruction, mentoring programs, and a strong support network to help students succeed in their educational journey. By fostering a sense of belonging and ensuring equal access to resources, NTNU enables students to focus on personal growth and academic excellence rather than being overwhelmed by a competitive environment.

In summary, NTNU is an internationally recognized university distinguished by its academic breadth and commitment to a non-competitive environment. With a wide range of disciplines and programs, the university fosters collaboration and inclusion while providing opportunities for students to excel in their chosen field. By prioritizing holistic development, providing research opportunities, and providing comprehensive support services, NTNU strives to ensure that students excel academically and personally in a supportive and nurturing environment. I assure you that you can grow.

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