MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP) 2023-24 | Great Middle East and North Africa

MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP) 2023 Middle East and North Africa overview

The MENA Scholarship Program aims and goal to promote and aline the development of participating and eligibility of countries in the Middle East and North Africa and contribute to the progress of society. One of its main objectives is to improve organizational performance by giving employees the opportunity to take short courses in a wide range of areas.

The primary objective of the MENA Scholarship Program (MSP) is to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration by providing an avenue for capacity building within organizations in the Middle East and North Africa. The program facilitates the participation of highly motivated young professionals who make a positive impact in their respective fields and allows them to attend special short courses in the Netherlands.

In addition, MSPs also facilitate customized training programs tailored to the specific needs of local organizations. By providing these opportunities, MSP acts as a bridge and facilitates the transfer of knowledge and expertise between the Netherlands and the MENA region. The program recognizes the importance of investing in human capital and enabling individuals to drive the social and economic development of their home countries. By learning new skills, participants can contribute more effectively to the growth and advancement of organizations and communities.

The MENA Fellowship Program takes a holistic approach to professional development that includes both individual empowerment and organizational development. The program aims to strengthen the MENA region’s knowledge base and skills by empowering young professionals and providing targeted training to organizations. Ultimately, the initiative aims to build a network of change actors that can collectively contribute to social progress and promote sustainable development in the region.

MENA Scholarship Programme deadline

August 22, 2023

MENA Scholarship Programme advantage

This program offers aspiring young professionals a rare opportunity to participate in a short course in the Netherlands. In addition, we offer customized training opportunities for organizations within the region. Courses are delivered in English or French and vary by country and are based on specific areas of focus identified in each country. A select number of scholarships will be awarded to highly motivated individuals with strong ties to the national approach

. Unfortunately, applicants who do not meet the criteria of their respective country’s approach are not eligible for scholarships. This initiative will empower young impact makers by providing them with the skills and knowledge they need through targeted training to accelerate their growth and enable them to make meaningful changes in their chosen areas. is intended for

Method how to apply online MENA Scholarship Programme

Apply for the MENA Scholarship (MSP). Please follow the application request process outlined below.

Please visit the MENA Scholarship Program (MSP) official website

( to verify your eligibility.

  • ¬†Be prepared with answers to motivational questions.
  • The application form requires you to answer the following questions:
    A. What issues would you like to address in your country?
  • B. How will this training course help you address this issue?
  • C. As your position within your organization, how would you address this issue?

Your response clarifies the link between your organization, your position, and country focus Please confirm that. Avoid copying information from websites and base your answers on factual information. For more information on what to include in each question, see our quality guidelines at [link to quality guidelines].

Get an employer certificate.

Employers must provide a statement supporting and motivating your participation in the course. The declaration must be in the required Nuffic format and can be downloaded from [Link to Employer Declaration Format]. The Employer Declaration should be a single PDF file containing the employer declaration, data about the organization and candidate, and an action plan with clear SMART goals and deadlines.

The first page must have the employer’s original stamp and signature and the document must be printed on the organization’s letterhead. (Not all) Check to see if your country requires a government declaration. Prepare the invoice in advance if necessary, as it may take several weeks. For the format of the Government Statement requirements and provisions, see [Link to OKP Government Statement Requirements] for OKPs and [Link to MSP Government Statement Requirements] for MSPs.

Have a color copy of your passport’s personal information page ready. Your passport must be valid for at least 4 weeks after the application deadline. Please fill in all the required information on the application form. You can save the form and continue later using the login code provided. After submission, the application will be checked for suitability and relevance. Please note that you will not be able to view the application form after the deadline.

Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and submit all the required documents to complete your application. I wish you good luck!

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