LOW IELTS Scholarships

Scholarships in 2022 With LOW IELTS Bands for the Admissions

Candidates with low IELTS grades can now apply for fully-funded scholarships in 2022 and take the benefit of studying overseas for free. There are international Universities offering admissions even without the IELTS necessities.

If your IELTS score is less, we have given a detailed list of all European, Canadian, or US colleges and universities accepting 5.5+ Bands of IELTS scores from all over the world for admissions on different scholarships. The European scholarships are frequently fully funded scholarships offered to worldwide students.

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The complete information about the fully-funded scholarships with a low IELTS grades requirement is below:

Study Abroad on the Scholarships with LOW IELTS Scores:

Following is the whole list of fully-funded scholarships open for applications with the lowest probable IELTS condition.

1# National University Of California Scholarships
IELTS Requirement: 5+

The National University is intended to provide a bequest, freshmen, third party, and merit scholarships. Most of the scholarships will offer a 50% tuition reduction scholarship. Also, National University needs an IELTS score of at least 5. National University’s acceptance rate was 37%.

2# Missouri State University Scholarships
IELTS Requirement: 5.5+

Missouri State University offers a wide range of scholarships, including the Missouri State Advantage Scholarship, A+ Recognition Scholarship, Missouri State Promise Scholarship, and Missouri Boys State and Girls State Leadership Awards. It also offers Collective GPA and consistent test score scholarships, GPA-only scholarships, and comprehensive excellence scholarships. The IELTS score least requirement is 5.5 for undergraduate candidates. Admissions at Missouri University are discriminating, with an acceptance ratio of 88%.

3# Southeast Missouri State University Scholarships
IELTS Requirement: 5.5+

Southeast Missouri State University for English language expertise demands IELTS -a smallest overall score of 5.5 from candidates. The university bids international pupils scholarships for graduates, international student scholarships, International Student scholarships, first-year, students, non-resident alumni awards, international academic excellence awards, and artistic scholarships.

Also, in current years Southeast Missouri State University’s acceptance ratio was 93%.

4# Concordia University Scholarships
IELTS Requirement: 6.5+

Until now another outstanding university in Canada is Concordia university which offers dissimilar scholarships like undergraduate, entrance, bursary program, Undergraduate in course bursary program, Concordia,application-based awards, external scholarships, and many others. It requires an IELTS minimum overall band score of 6.5 and has an acceptance rate of 78%.

5# University Of Louisiana Monroe Scholarships
IELTS Requirement: 5.5+

The University of Louisiana Monroe is a renowned US university that offers many scholarships including out-of-state fee waivers, honor programs, talent scholarships, graduate assistantships, and others. The University Of Louisiana Monroe receives an IELTS band score of 5.5 and has an acceptance ratio of 77%.

6# Quest University Scholarships
IELTS Requirement: 6.5+

Canada’s Quest University provides an extensive range of scholarships to international students under dissimilar degree programs, such as Bachelor of Arts, engineering & science, medical, law, and business admission scholarships. The scholarships offered by Quest university are executive, Canadian academic performance scholarships, LEAP scholarships, and Gap year scholarships. This Quest university also has an acceptance ratio of 80%.

7# Telecom Paris Scholarships
IELTS Requirement: 5.5+

Telecom Paris is the highest university in France that needs English expertise. For Telecom Paris University, IELTS of at least 5.5 bands is acceptable. It offers numerous programs to international students, including technology, modeling, and theoretical aspects. Also, the most well-known scholarships presented by Telecom Paris university are merit-based and need-based, France excellence, scholarships, and grants from Telecom Paris Alumni Foundation.

 8# Boston University Scholarships
IELTS Requirement: 5.5+

Boston University is located in Boston and offers scholarships to international students. But they are just partial merit-based scholarships certain to undergraduates, graduates, and Ph.D. international students. The Boston University scholarship contains Trustee, presidential, and Lu Lingzi scholarships. Recollect that all these scholarships are mostly completely funded. The Boston University receipt ratio was 21%.

9# University Of British Columbia Scholarships
IELTS Requirement: 6.0+

UBC offers up to $30 million yearly in scholarships, financial awards, and scholarships. These UBC scholarships include important entrance scholarships, outstanding international student awards, postgraduate scholarships, and the Karen McKellin International leaders of tomorrow award.

The qualifying criteria for these UBC scholarships are that students must be of an international students status who have been putative into an undergraduate program at UBC, and show proof of powerful academic record. The acceptance rate to the University of Colombia as of 2021 was 52.4%. Besides, students have to provide any suggestion of English proficiency, and for that, IELTS of at least 6 bands is ok.

10# McGill University Scholarships For International Students
IELTS Requirement: 6.5+

Canada’s McGill University offers scholarships for additional than 40,000 students. Students can get admission under diverse degrees, including art, science, engineering, medicine, and management. University provides many scholarships like one-year appearance scholarship, Atlantic Provinces Scholarship, and McCall MacBain Prestige Appearance Scholarships.

All these scholarships at McGill university are exposed to all students. Besides, preference will be given to students from the Atlantic region and international students. The McGill scholarship is founded on high-level academic presentation. Additionally, in 2021 McGill university has an acceptance ratio of 33.6%. McGill also requests students to get the minimum internet-based TOEFL grade of 86 if IELTS is not available.

11# University Of Alberta Scholarships
IELTS Requirement: 6.0+

The University of Alberta provides $34 million apiece year in undergraduate scholarships and economic support to international and Canadian students. The admissibility condition for scholarships at the University of Alberta is that students must see admission and viable needs.

The scholarships offered by the University of Alberta are international admission scholarship, gold standard scholarship, president’s international distinction scholarships, university of Alberta graduate entrance scholarship, and graduation completion scholarships. The University of Alberta has an acceptance rate of 58% and asks for at least a score of 6 bands of IELTS. It is located in Canada.

12# Ghent University Scholarships
IELTS Requirement: 6.0+

Ghent University offers a wide selection of scholarships to international and Belgium students. These Ghent University scholarships contain mastermind scholarships, scholarships for Colombian students, top-up grants scholarships, Belgian technical-cooperation scholarships, and prolongation-doctoral scholarships.

One of the criteria to apply for their scholarships is to provide English Language Proficiency proof with an  IELTS of at least 5.5 scores. Ghent University also has a high acceptance ratio of 100%.

13# University Of Calgary Scholarships
IELTS Requirement: 7.5+

At the University Of Calgary, scholarships are presented to worldwide and resident students. The scholarships contain CIBC international appearance scholarship, CIBC international, entrance scholarship, and Romeo and Eva De Guia Scholarship.

The Calgary university also bids for postgraduate scholarships such as Cumming school of medicine graduate scholarship, relaxed high doctoral recruitment scholarships, and Terry and Sue White Doctoral scholarships. The admissibility conditions for University of Calgary scholarships vary conferring to admission requirements. The 2021 university of Calgary, has an acceptance ratio of 10 to 20% and a necessity of an IELTS score of 5.5 bands.

14# Stanford University Scholarships
IELTS Requirement: 7.0+

Stanford University is a well-known private university of advanced learning in Stanford, California that offers scholarships such as financial aid programs, outside scholarships, student employment, and swivel loans. This university bounces a scholarship program to international students with diverse degrees, such as undergraduates, postgraduates, and doctoral students. The year 2021 was one of the most stimulating years for Stanford university, yielding an acceptance ratio of 4.7%.

15# Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships For International Students
IELTS Requirement: 5.5+

Vanier Graduate Scholarships are exposed in Canada for students till November. There are many programs enclosed under Vanier Canada scholarships, such as health research, engineering research, biological research, social science, and mortalities research.

The eligibility conditions for Vanier Graduate Scholarships are that the candidates need to find a top-level assessment and a high speculative grade in each of their last years of study.

16# University Of Ottawa Scholarships
IELTS Requirement: 6.5+

The University of Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) bids scholarships for 550 undergraduate and postgraduate programs. These scholarships include differential tuition charges exception scholarships, president’s scholarships for international students, chancellor’s scholarships for international students, distinct merit scholarships, and admission scholarships.

17# McMaster University Scholarships
IELTS Requirement: 6.5+

McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) is provided scholarships to international students who essential financial support. The Canadian scholarships presented by the university are the provost entrance scholarship for international pupils, the woo family international entrance scholarship, the McMaster Chinese alumni Peter George Entrance scholarships, and postgraduate scholarships.

The eligibility conditions for scholarships are students finishing their last year of high school and retaining a student visa. Also, McMaster University has an acceptance ratio of 58%.

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