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List of Diploma Courses Available in 2023  overview

Many students are interested in pursuing graduate courses to broaden their knowledge in their field. After completing high school education, students have many options. They should carefully consider their interests and apply for Diploma His program based on their academic background. There are 73 diploma programs available to international students in the US and 180 courses offered in the UK. This article provides a comprehensive list of Diploma Programs that allow students to explore different options in their field of interest.

Here Is a list of diploma courses available in the UK along with their respective specializations and durations:

  • Arts: Diploma in Art & Design/ 1 year
  • Psychology: Diploma in Psychology – 1 year
  • Forensic Science: the Diploma in Forensics/1 year
  • Business Administration: the Diploma in Business Administration & Management/13 months
  • Accounts: Diploma in Accounting – 13 months
  • Film Making: Diploma in Film Making/ 1 year
  • Journalism: Diploma in Journalism – 1 year
  • Marketing: Diploma in Marketing

Here are some top institutions offering various diploma courses along with their average fees for the first year:

  • Monash College: the Diploma of Art & Design / INR 11.30 Lakhs
  • AUT University: Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management – INR 22.82 Lakhs
  • Swinburne University of Technology: Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology – INR 12.26 Lakhs
  • University of Canterbury: Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Data Science – INR 18.83 Lakhs
  • The University of Adelaide: Graduate Diploma in Business Administration – INR 30.23 Lakhs
  • Ryerson University: Certificate in Advanced Nursing Leadership and Management/INR 14.81 Lakhs
  • Fanshawe College: Diploma in Practical Nursing – INR 20.30 Lakhs
  • The University Western Australia: the Graduate Diploma in Forensic Odontology/INR 35.82 Lakhs
  • University of Alberta: Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health – INR 11.67 Lakhs
  • Bond University: Graduate Diploma in Project Management – INR 23.88 Lakhs
  • University of Saskatchewan: PGD in Civil and Geological Engineering – INR 6.79 Lakhs
  • University of the Fraser Valley: Fashion Design Diploma – INR 15.01 Lakhs
  • University of California – Riverside Campus_Postgraduate Diploma in Entertainment & Media Management / INR 27.05
  • Lakhs
  • Otago Polytechnic: Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science – INR 11.33 Lakhs
  • Wellington Institute of Technology: Diploma in Beauty Therapy – INR 12.22 Lakhs
  • National Design Academy: Diploma in Interior Design – INR 1.11 Lakhs

Please note that the fees mentioned are approximate and may vary.

 Here is a list of diploma courses that you can consider studying:

  • Diploma in Elementary Education
  • Diploma in Financial Accounting
  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Diploma in Banking and Finance
  • Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Diploma in Stage Acting
  • Diploma in Photography
  • Diploma in Video Jockey and Radio Jockey
  • Diploma in Music
  • Diploma in Linguistics
  • Diploma in Visual Arts
  • Diploma in Yoga Education
  • Diploma in Culinary Art
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management

These diploma courses provide opportunities for individuals with different educational backgrounds to pursue specialized knowledge and skills in their respective fields. It’s important to note that when applying for any of these diplomas, you need to meet the specific criteria and requirements set by the universities or institutions offering these programs.

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