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Kreditkortsval’s Scholarship Program for Economics Students: Supporting Academic Excellence

The Kreditkortsval Scholarship Program offers an exceptional opportunity for students studying economics or related fields with a focus on fintech and future payment solutions. The initiative aims to promote academic excellence and innovation in these domains by providing financial assistance to deserving individuals. Whether you are an aspiring economist, fintech enthusiast, or passionate about innovative payment solutions, this scholarship can be your gateway to success.

Financial support for development

This Kreditkortsval’s Scholarship program offers a grant of 5,000 SEK to master of bachelor students. Whether you’re currently pursuing a master of bachelor, this financial boost can significantly reduce the costs associated with your education path.

Application Deadline: October 30, 2023

Please mark your calendars and make sure your application is submitted before the deadline. Late submissions are not accepted, so be sure to plan ahead and submit all required materials ahead of time.

Eligibility Criteria.

Field of Study: Applicants must be majoring in economics or a related field with a focus on financial technology and future payment solutions.

Enrollment status: Candidates must be actively enrolled in a Swedish college or university. Beginning in the fall 2023 semester, the scholarship will also be open to study abroad students.

Academic level: For Swedish applicants, the subject plan must be at C or D level, either for a bachelor’s or master’s thesis. For international applicants, a master of bachelor thesis is required.

Promoting research and innovation

This scholarship not only provides financial support but also encourages students to participate in meaningful research. Dissertation at specific academic levels allows you to delve deeper into your chosen topic, contributing to the development of knowledge in economics, financial technology, and payment solutions.

How to Apply

Visit the official scholarship website to access the application form. Be sure to provide accurate and relevant information, including your enrollment status, field of study, and details about your planned dissertation.

Investing in your future

The Kreditkortsval Scholarship Program is a testament to their commitment to education and innovation. By supporting students passionate about economics, fintech, and transformative payment solutions, they are investing in the next generation of thought leaders and industry innovators.

If you are studying economics or related fields and have a vision for the future of financial technology and payment solutions, take advantage of this opportunity to get funding for your educational path. Apply for the Kreditkortsval Scholarship and take another step towards achieving your educational and professional goals.

Benefits: Supporting your academic pace

The Kreditkortsval Scholarship, worth SEK 5,000, offers a valuable opportunity for aspiring economics students. With a commitment to further education, the scholarship will be available in both the fall and spring semesters for future years, doubling your chances of receiving this financial aid.

The Application Process: Your Path to Success

Applying for the Kreditkortsval Scholarship is easy. Get in touch by email to start your application. Remember to include the following key details:

Your Full Name: Please provide your full name as it appears on official documents.

Proof of enrollment – Provide proof of your enrollment at an educational institution in Sweden or abroad.

Assay Description: Please provide a comprehensive overview of the assay you wish to conduct. Please clearly indicate the topic you intend to explore in your academic work.

Personal qualities: Explain why you believe you deserve this scholarship. Highlight your achievements, dedication and passion for economics or related fields.

Apply now – secure your chance

Take the first step towards the Kreditkortsval Scholarship by applying today. Demonstrate your commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and a future in economics or fintech.

Initial online master’s degree – no bachelor’s degree required.

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