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King Abdulaziz University (KAU): Promoting excellence in teaching and research

Established in 1967 and located in the vibrant city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz University (KAU) stands as a model of academic excellence and innovation. Designed by renowned English architect John Elliott, the university’s modern campus provides an ideal environment for students to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

KAU’s commitment to academic excellence is reaffirmed by its recognition as the Best Arab University by Times Higher Education in 2016, a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality teaching, innovative research, and holistic student development. Is.

Empower students with scholarship benefits

KAU prides itself on developing future leaders and scholars through its comprehensive scholarship program. This program is designed to provide financial support and resources to students to excel in their academic pursuits. Scholarship incentives include a number of benefits that significantly enhance the student experience:

  • Monthly Stipend: Scholars receive a monthly stipend, removing financial worries and allowing them to focus on their studies.

Preparation Allowance: First-time freshmen at king abdulaziz university scholarship receive a preparation allowance, which eases their transition into college life.

  • Health Coverage: Ensuring the well-being of the students, king abdulaziz university saudi arabia scholarship provides comprehensive health care services giving priority to their physical and mental health.

Accommodation and Facilities: The king abdulaziz university scholarship provides comfortable and modern accommodation, which creates a conducive environment for living and learning.

  • Subsidized meals: International students can enjoy subsidized meals, which promotes cultural exchange and a sense of community.

Academic support: Graduate students get assignments to print their theses and help graduates send books, facilitating their academic pace.

  • Travel Support: kau scholarship to global exposure is reflected in its annual round-trip ticket provision, which allows students to travel and broaden their horizons.

Offering diverse disciplines in the arts and humanities

  • KAU’s commitment to academic diversity is exemplified in the various departments of the College of Arts and Humanities. Students can explore their passions and broaden their intellectual horizons in areas such as:

Language and Literature: Arabic, English and French language and literature programs promote language skills and cultural understanding.

  • Geography and Planning: From urban planning to geographic information systems, students are interested in spatial dynamics and sustainable development.

History and Information Science: Students engage with the past and information management, preparing them for careers in research and archiving.

  • Sociology and Psychology: These programs provide insights into human behavior, social dynamics, and mental health, equipping students with valuable skills.

Islamic Studies and Jurisprudence: By developing a deep understanding of Islamic principles and jurisprudence, these programs contribute to spiritual and intellectual growth.

Faculty of Economics and Administration: Developing Business Leaders

The Faculty of Economics and Administration is a business education center that prepares students for a variety of roles in the business world. Programs such as accounting, business administration, finance, and human resource management develop skills in financial management, strategic planning, and effective leadership. Students in the Public Administration and Political Science (Global Political Economy) programs gain insight into public governance and global socio-economic dynamics.

Law School: Shaping Legal Minds

At KAU Law School, students are immersed in the intricacies of the legal system and case law. The “Systems” specialization provides students with a solid foundation in legal principles and practice.

Faculty of Sciences: Navigating the Frontiers of Science

The Faculty of Sciences offers a variety of specializations, including biochemistry, biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and statistics. These programs develop scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, preparing students for careers in research, academia, and industry.

Entry Requirements: Your Path to kau scholarship

To embark on this transformative journey, aspiring students must meet certain entry requirements:

  • Demonstrate good conduct and commitment to KAU’s regulations.
  • Possess a secondary school graduation certificate obtained within the last three years.
  • Be between 17 and 25 years old for undergraduate programs.
  • Maintain medical fitness and eligibility for admission.
  • Embrace the opportunity to fully engage in KAU’s educational experience.

Join king abdulaziz university admissions now, where academic excellence, diverse disciplines, and enriching scholarship privileges converge to shape future leaders, scholars, and innovators. Your journey to greatness begins here!


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