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Unlock Your Growth Possibilities: Dive into the Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship 2024!

Do you dream of tackling global challenges alongside bright minds? Are you passionate about making a real difference in developing countries? Look no further than the Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship (JJ/WBGSP) 2024! In addition to gaining invaluable experience with the World Bank, this fully funded opportunity could be your golden ticket to a master’s degree in a development-related field at a prestigious university.

This prestigious scholarship, jointly funded by the governments of Japan and the World Bank, aims to foster the next generation of development leaders from developing countries. Through full tuition coverage, monthly stipend, travel, and health insurance, it supports your educational journey and empowers you to contribute to positive change in your home country.

Why choose JJ/WBGSP?

In addition to incredible financial support, JJ/WBGSP offers several benefits:

World-class education: Study at top-ranked universities in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Japan, known for their rigorous academics and research expertise in developing fields.
Practical Experience: Gain invaluable insight through internships or fellowships with the World Bank, applying your knowledge to real-world development challenges.
Global Network: Build lifelong connections with fellow scholars, practitioners and experts while expanding your professional network and career prospects.
Personal Development: Develop leadership skills, cultural understanding, and global perspective to become a true change maker.

Ready to make your mark?


Be a citizen of a developing country eligible for World Bank loans and grants (exclusions apply).
Get a bachelor’s degree.
Gain relevant professional experience and demonstrate a commitment to growth in your home country.
Meet the English language proficiency requirement (TOEFL or IELTS).

Participating Universities:

The program offers scholarships at 26 universities on five continents, covering fields as diverse as development related to economics, public policy, and environmental management.

Application Process:

Check your eligibility: To see if your country is eligible, visit the official website (
Choose your program: Review the list of participating universities and programs to find the best fit for your interests and career goals.
Prepare your application: Submit required documents such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose highlighting your development aspirations.
Apply online: Submit your application through the World Bank’s scholarship application system by the deadline (February 12 for Japanese citizens, April 19 for others).

Don’t wait! Take the first step towards your growth dreams.

Additional Resources:

Official Website:
Participating Universities:
Frequently Asked Questions:

The Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship (JJ/WBGSP) offers an incredible opportunity for ambitious individuals from developing countries to pursue a master’s degree in development-related fields. But how do you navigate the application process and increase your chances of success?

Key Steps:

Check your eligibility:
Official website ( to confirm your country’s eligibility and application window timeline See
Review specific eligibility criteria such as work experience, educational background, and English language proficiency requirements.

Select your program:
Discover the list of participating universities ( and They offer programs tailored to your interests and career goals.
Contact universities directly for specific program details and guidance.

Submit required documents:
Prepare documents such as academic transcripts, standardized test scores (TOEFL/IELTS), a detailed CV, and letters of recommendation.
Ensure all documents meet specific format and language requirements.

Create a compelling application:
A statement of purpose is important. Clearly describe your development aspirations, relevant experiences, and how the program aligns with your future goals.
Highlight your determination to contribute to the development of your country.

Submit your application:
Review your application materials carefully for completeness and accuracy.
Submit your application through the World Bank scholarship application system by the deadline (February 12 for Japanese citizens, April 19 for others).

Remember, with dedication, passion, and a strong application, you can turn your growth aspirations into reality. Apply for JJ/WBGSP 2024 and embark on a life-changing journey to make a lasting impact!