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Netherlands Scholarships and Individual Travel Grant at Radboud University

Holland Scholarship:

The Holland Scholarship is a financial aid program designed to support international students studying in the Netherlands. This scholarship is available for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. It offers €200 for students studying within Europe and €300 for those studying outside Europe. The purpose of the scholarship is to help students cover additional costs associated with studying abroad such as travel expenses, accommodation, visas and vaccinations.

Travel Assistance for Individuals:

The Individual Travel Grant (IRS) provided by Radboud University is a funding opportunity for students planning to undertake a study abroad program, internship or research project. This grant serves as reimbursement for additional expenses incurred during overseas endeavors. These costs may include travel tickets, visa fees, accommodation rent, and necessary vaccinations. It is important to note that if your exchange is completely virtual without these additional costs, you may not be eligible for a grant. To apply, your study program or faculty must confirm the relevance of your study journey.

Radboud University Scholarship:

Radboud University, located in Nijmegen, Netherlands, is a research-based institution with a Catholic background. The university offers several scholarships to help students in their academic pursuits. One such scholarship is the Individual Travel Scholarship, which helps students cover the costs associated with studying abroad. The grant is intended for full-time bachelors and masters students who are enrolled at Radboud University and intend to undertake a study program, research project or internship outside their home country.

Eligibility Criteria:

Student Status: You must be a full-time student enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program at Radboud University.

Duration: Your planned exchange program should last for at least 2 consecutive months.

Location: The exchange program must take place in a foreign country.

Previous scholarship: You must not have received funding from other sources, such as an Erasmus scholarship, a scholarship from the Netherlands Scholarship Program or a scholarship from the Redbaud Honors Academy.

Course Credits: You must earn course credits to participate in the exchange program.

Previous scholarship (again): You should not have received a previous Holland scholarship or individual travel grant for study, clinical practice, or research during your current study cycle.

Date of Departure: Your departure must be more than 2 weeks from the time of application.

In short, Radboud University offers individual travel scholarships to support students seeking educational opportunities abroad. This grant helps cover additional costs related to international experiences. Be sure to review eligibility criteria and get approval from your study program or faculty to ensure your exchange is compatible. This funding opportunity can be particularly useful if you are not eligible for other well-known scholarships such as Erasmus or Holland Scholarships.

Benefits of Travel Scholarships for Individuals at Radboud University

Compensation Amount:

If you plan to study abroad, Radboud University offers helpful financial support called Individual Travel Grants. The purpose of this grant is to help cover additional costs that arise when you study, do an internship or conduct research outside your home country. For your convenience, the compensation is arranged in two levels:

Stay in Europe: If your study tour takes you to Europe, you will receive a stipend of 200 euros per month.

Stay outside Europe: If your adventure takes you outside the borders of Europe, the compensation is 300 euros per month.

Calculation and Duration:

The actual scholarship you receive will be determined by the number of days you spend on your study abroad trip. The grant is awarded for a maximum period of 4 months. This means that you can receive up to €800 for European stays and up to €1,200 for non-European stays during your stay abroad.

Scholarship Application Process:

Step 1: Launch the app.
To start the application process for your study abroad experience and related scholarships, you must use your Osiris account, the University’s online platform.

Step 2: Initial Approval
Once your college’s international office has given preliminary approval to your study abroad application, you will automatically receive an email with further guidance for your grant application.

Step 3: Opening the Grant Application
The grant application window usually opens around April each year for the following academic year. In April, you will receive an email with complete instructions for your grant application.

Step 4: Current academic year or after April
If April has passed or you plan to travel abroad during the current academic year, you will receive scholarship application instructions approximately one business day after your study abroad plan is officially entered into the Osiris system. will be approved.

Step 5: Complete the web form.
Inside the email, you’ll find a link to a web form. This form is designed to collect the necessary information about your plans and financial needs. This web form must be completed completely and accurately.

Simply put, if you are planning an educational adventure outside your home country as part of your studies, the Radboud University Individual Travel Scholarship can provide you with financial support. The amount you get depends on where you stay and the length of your stay.

By starting your application through your Osiris account, you’ll receive email guidance and, once you’re eligible, you can complete a web form to apply for a grant. Remember, this scholarship offers a great opportunity to ease some of the financial burden associated with studying abroad.


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