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Beyond GPA: Conquering College with the Horatio Alger National Scholarship Program

Target Audience: American high school juniors or seniors who are experiencing financial hardship, demonstrate integrity, overcome adversity, and have a passionate commitment to pursuing higher education. If you are not just a brilliant student, but someone who has faced challenges and emerged stronger, this scholarship can be the bridge to fulfilling your educational dreams.

Scholarship Overview:

Imagine climbing a mountain – the peak that represents your college aspirations. The Horatio Alger National Scholarship Program (HANSP) is not just a handhold on this climb. It is a team of experienced Sherpas, who equip you with the resources, motivation and financial support to reach the summit. This merit-based scholarship isn’t just about grades; It celebrates resilience, character, and the burning desire to succeed despite life’s obstacles.

  • Level: High school juniors and seniors
  • Institution: Any recognized non-profit public or private institution in the United States. Whether it’s a bustling city university, a quaint liberal arts college, or even your local state institution, your educational playground awaits!
  • Location: US residents only. Highlight your skills within the broader landscape of American higher education.
  • Fields of Study: Open to All! From aspiring doctors to budding artists, from coding wizards to future entrepreneurs, HANSP embraces the diversity of talent and passions that shape the future.
  • Funding: Renewable scholarships of up to $10,000 per year for high school seniors and up to $25,000 for high school juniors. Think of it as a financial boost, fueling your climb without the crushing burden of debt.
Eligibility Criteria:

Become an American Citizen: Demonstrate your American spirit and commitment to contributing to your nation’s future.

High school junior or senior in the graduating class of 2024 or 2025: Start planning your climb early!

Demonstrated Financial Need: This scholarship recognizes that talent thrives regardless of economic background, ensuring that those facing adversity have a fighting chance.

A minimum GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale (unweighted): While grades are important, the HANSP values more than just academic performance. Your dedication and perseverance will shine through.

Overcoming Adversity: Life throws you curveballs, but how you handle them defines you. Share your story of resilience, whether it’s overcoming personal challenges, overcoming family adversity, or conquering academic obstacles.

Community Service Involvement and Leadership: Go Beyond Yourself! Show them that you are not just a scholar, but a person who actively makes the world a better place. This can be through volunteering, leading a club, or even starting your own initiative.

Strong Essays and Letters of Recommendation: Tell your unique story and let your voice resonate! Powerful essays and glowing recommendations can turn your application into an engaging campaign log.

Application Process:
  • Mark your calendars! Online application opens in December 2024 and closes in March 2025 for high school seniors, and December 2024 and March 2025 for high school juniors . Don’t miss your chance to join this inspiring community of scholars!
  • Gather your supplies: get ready for an awesome application! These include essays showcasing your story of overcoming adversity and your plans for the future, letters of recommendation that testify to your character and potential, academic transcripts, and information about your financial need and community involvement. I may include additional documents. Remember, authenticity and depth trump polished perfection – let your true self shine!
  • English please! All content should be presented in the language of the American dream and self-discovery.
  • State-Level Selection and National Competition: Applications are first reviewed at the state level, and selected finalists compete for national scholarships. Think of it as a journey with fellow adventurers, culminating in a thrilling finale!
Important Note:

Merit, not just academics: This scholarship values your grades on your character, determination, and resilience. It celebrates the “can-do” spirit that defines the American Dream.
More than 12,000 active alumni: As a Horatio Alger Scholar, you will join a network of successful individuals who have navigated similar challenges and are ready to offer support and guidance. It’s a lifetime membership to the Tribe of Overcomers!
Scholarship Renewability: Prove your continued dedication and progress, and your financial aid may increase throughout your undergraduate studies. This scholarship believes in your journey, not just your starting point.
Leadership Development Opportunities: In addition to financial support, HANSP offers workshops, conferences, and networking events designed to equip you with skills and confidence.


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