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Estophilus Scholarship: Promoting Estonia-specific research and cultural exchange


The Estophilus Scholarship, offered by the University of Tartu, is a prestigious opportunity for students and researchers from around the world to participate in Estonian-specific research and contribute to knowledge exchange. The purpose of this scholarship is to improve the visibility of Estonia by supporting studies related to its language and culture. In this article, we will review the details of the Estophilus Scholarship, including its eligibility criteria, benefits, application process, and the wider importance of promoting Estonia-related research.

Eligibility Criteria

The Estophilus Scholarship accepts applications from a wide range of candidates:

Foreign Nationals: The scholarship is open to foreign nationals who are in their final year of bachelor’s studies, master’s students, doctoral students, and postdoctoral researchers at universities abroad.

Research in Estonia: Applicants must plan to stay in Estonia for 1 to 5 months to conduct research or gather material related to Estonia.

Research Focus: Although Estonian language proficiency is an advantage, it is not a strict requirement. However, the research project should focus on topics related to Estonia, helping to understand specific aspects of Estonians, culture and language.

Scholarship Benefits

The Estophilus Scholarship offers several valuable benefits to its recipients:

Living expenses: Beneficiaries receive a monthly scholarship of 660 euros to cover their living expenses during their research stay in Estonia.

Travel allowance: In addition to living expenses, academics receive a travel allowance, the amount of which is determined using the European Commission’s web calculator. This ensures that academics can cover their travel expenses to and from Estonia.

Application Process

The application process for the Estophilus Scholarship is designed to ensure that deserving candidates receive support for their Estonia-related research:

Application Form: Applicants must complete the official application form. The form can be signed digitally using an ID card or mobile ID or in writing, and then scanned and sent to a specified email address along with additional documents.

Required Documents: The following documents are required as part of the application:

Formal Application: A formal application that describes the candidate’s intent and purpose in applying for the scholarship.

Research Plan: A comprehensive research plan detailing the aims, methodology and expected results of the research project relevant to Estonia.

Curriculum Vitae: A detailed curriculum vitae highlighting the applicant’s academic and research background, including relevant publications and achievements.

Academic Status: Evidence of the applicant’s academic status, such as a document confirming current enrollment in a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral program, or proof of a completed doctoral degree.

Supervisor’s Confirmation: Confirmation by the Estonian supervisor, indicating his/her willingness to accept the candidate and supervise the investigation. The supervisor should briefly describe the research topic and explain its importance for Estonia.

Importance of Scholarship

The Estophilus Scholarship is of significant importance in several aspects:

Promoting the visibility of Estonia: By supporting research on Estonia, its culture and language, the citizenship scholarship helps to make Estonia more visible internationally. This increased visibility may lead to more international recognition and interest in Estonia.

Knowledge Exchange: Fellowships facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas among scholars from diverse backgrounds and cultures. It strengthens scholarly discourse and encourages international collaboration.

Cultural understanding: Estofilas grant-supported researchers gain a deeper understanding of Estonia’s unique cultural and linguistic heritage. This, in turn, fosters cultural understanding and appreciation.

Research Advancement: The scholarship enables scholars to advance their research by providing financial support for living and travel expenses, which ultimately leads to the production of valuable research results.


The Estophilus Scholarship offered by the university of tartu scholarships, plays a vital role in promoting Estonia-specific research and cultural exchange. Through this initiative, scholars from around the world have the opportunity to explore and contribute to the understanding of Estonia’s language, culture, and heritage.

As the application deadline approaches in March 2024, prospective applicants are encouraged to take advantage of this scholarship to further their academic pursuits, strengthen international connections, and contribute to the broader knowledge base related to Estonia. The Estophilus Scholarship is not only an investment in research but also in fostering global cultural exchange and cooperation.


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