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Edmonds Study Abroad Scholarship overveiw

The Edmonds Scholarship is a financial aid program that supports Ball State University students planning to study abroad. This award is presented every two years in alternating history and honors to university students. Anthony Edmonds and Joan Edmonds, dedicated members of the Doctoral College and Honors College, have been facilitating study abroad opportunities for Honors College students for over 60 years.

To qualify for the scholarship:

Honors College students (any major, including history) are eligible to apply in even-numbered years. In odd-numbered years, history majors (including Honors College students) are eligible to apply. Applicants must have her GPA of 3.2 or higher on the 4.0 scale or equivalent. Students must prepare to study abroad. Applications are generally accepted in the spring of the applicable year, and awards can be used for the following summer or academic year.

Edmonds Study Abroad Scholarship Benefits

$3,000 total prize means the winner will receive $3,000 in prize money or subsidies. This amount represents the monetary value associated with the award and is usually given as recognition or incentive for specific achievements, contributions or achievements.

Specific criteria for receiving an award may vary by issuing organization or institution. The award may be based on academic achievement, research excellence, artistic achievement, community service, or other areas of focus that the award is designed to recognize.

A price value of $3,000 indicates the amount that the recipient will receive. Use of this prize is at the discretion of the winner. This may include promoting education, investing in a career, funding a project or initiative, or any other purpose consistent with the intended purpose of the award. It is important to note that reward values can vary widely.

Some awards have high monetary value, such as scholarships and grants worth tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, while others have low value. The specific amount is usually set by the organization or agency responsible for the award and reflects the resources at your disposal and the importance you place on the achievement being recognized.

Overall, the USD 3,000 award amount represents a notable recognition and financial award that can support the efforts of the winners and further promote their work in related fields.

Method of writing Application for Edmonds Study Abroad Scholarship

[your name]
[your address]
[City (*) State (*) Zip Code]
[email address]
[telephone number]

Ball State University
Study Abroad Support Office
2000 W. University Avenue Muncie, Indiana 47306

Subject: Applying for Edmonds Scholarships to Study Abroad

Study abroad office

I am writing to apply for the Edmonds Study Abroad Scholarship at Ball State University. As a passionate and dedicated student, I strive to broaden my educational horizons and acquire a global perspective through my extensive study abroad experience. I strongly believe that this scholarship will give me the opportunity to achieve my academic and personal goals. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is [your name].

I am currently a [year] student at Ball State University with a [major] degree. I have a consistent academic record, excel in my studies and participate actively in extra-curricular activities. During my time at university, I developed a keen interest in [a particular field of study] and am passionate about exploring this subject in an international context.

I am thoroughly researching the study abroad programs offered by Ball State University and am particularly interested in [program name]. This program perfectly aligns with my academic interests and gives me the opportunity to immerse myself in a different culture, improve my language skills and gain a deeper understanding of global issues. I believe that by experiencing different educational systems and learning from different perspectives, I can become a more diverse and culturally sensitive person.

However, the financial aspect of studying abroad is a major issue, and I am applying for the Edmonds Study Abroad Scholarship to reduce the financial burden as much as possible. I truly believe that this scholarship will not only allow me to participate in the program, but also allow me to focus on my studies and make the most of this life-changing opportunity.

I am honored to be considered for the Edmonds Study Abroad Scholarship as it means more than just financial assistance to me. This is a recognition of my hard work, dedication and commitment to academic excellence. If I am selected as an honoree, I promise to represent Ball State University with the utmost respect and professionalism.

The following documents are enclosed with this application for review:

  • Completed Edmonds Study Abroad Scholarship Application Form
  • Letter of intent explaining your goals and motivations for studying abroad
  • Certificate of current school attendance
  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty member who can assess my academic ability and potential
  • A financial assistance document stating that financial assistance is required
  • We will be happy to provide further information and documentation as needed. I am very excited about the opportunity to be eligible for the Edmonds Study Abroad Scholarship and contribute to the internationalization efforts of Ball State University.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to receive an Edmonds Study Abroad Scholarship

[Your Name]


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