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Dell Scholarship Program 2024

The Dell Scholars Program is an initiative of the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation that recognizes and supports outstanding high school graduates who have overcome significant obstacles in pursuing higher education. The program provides financial support, guidance and resources to help scholars achieve their academic goals and succeed in their chosen fields.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Dell Scholarship Program 2024, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Academic Achievement: Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent) throughout high school.

Financial Need: Demonstrate financial need through FAFSA applications, financial aid statements, or other means.

Personal Resilience: Demonstrate resilience in overcoming personal challenges or barriers to academic success.

Leadership Ability: Demonstrate leadership qualities and a commitment to community service.

Diversity and Inclusion: Contribute to an inclusive learning environment, representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Application process

The application process for the Dell Scholarship Program 2024 is as follows:

1. Complete the online application.

Visit the Dell Scholars Program website to create an account and complete the online application form. The application form requires personal information, academic records, essays, and supporting documents.

2. Submit additional materials.

In addition to the online application, applicants may be required to submit additional materials, such as letters of recommendation, transcripts, or financial aid documents.

3. Participate in an interview

Selected applicants may be invited to attend a virtual or in-person interview with program representatives. The interview provides an opportunity to showcase personal qualities, academic achievements and aspirations.

Last date of application

The application deadline for the 2024 Dell Scholarship Program is usually the spring of the year preceding the academic year for which the scholarship is awarded. Check the program website for specific deadlines.

Scholarship Benefits

Dell Scholars receive a comprehensive benefits package to support their academic journey:

Financial Aid: The scholarship provides up to $20,000 per year for tuition, fees and other educational expenses.

Mentoring and Mentoring: Scholars receive one-on-one mentoring and guidance from experienced professionals in their chosen fields.

Resources and Networks: Academics gain access to a network of resources, including workshops, conferences and professional development opportunities.

Recognition and Prestige: The Dell Scholarship is a prestigious award that recognizes academic excellence, resilience and leadership potential.

Selection process

Scholars are selected based on an overall assessment of their academic achievement, personal resilience, leadership qualities, commitment to community service, and Dell Scholars’ ability to contribute to the community.

Impact of Scholarship Program

The Dell Scholarship Program has a profound impact on the lives of its recipients. Scholars receive financial support, guidance and resources that enable them to achieve their academic goals and reach their full potential. The program also fosters a sense of community and belonging, training scholars to become leaders and agents of change in their chosen fields.

The Dell Scholarship Program: A Legacy of Student Empowerment

The Dell Scholars Program, established in 2004 by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, has been a model of support for high school graduates from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate academic excellence, resilience and leadership potential. do With a focus on reducing financial burdens and providing comprehensive support, the program has empowered more than 5,000 scholars to pursue their dreams of higher education and make meaningful contributions to society.

Since its inception, the Dell Scholarship Program has recognized the need to develop talent from underserved communities, providing scholarships of up to $20,000 per year to cover tuition, fees and other educational expenses. Over the years, the program has evolved to encompass a wide range of benefits, including mentoring, coaching, networking opportunities, and leadership development initiatives.

The impact of the program goes beyond financial aid. Dell Scholars have become leaders in diverse fields, including technology, health care, education and social justice. They have founded their own businesses, conducted innovative research, and championed causes that improve the lives of others.

The Dell Scholarship Program is a testament to the power of education to change lives and shape a better future. By investing in the potential of exceptional students, the program has fostered a generation of change-makers who are making the world a better place.


The Dell Scholarship Program is a valuable resource for high school graduates who have overcome significant obstacles and demonstrated academic excellence, resilience and leadership potential. By providing financial aid, guidance and resources, the program helps scholars achieve their academic goals and contribute positively to society.


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