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Crack the Code to $20,000: Unlocking the Magic of the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship

Target Audience: US high school seniors thirsty for educational innovation and eager to make a difference. Whether you’re a budding scientist, future artist, or a coding crusader, this scholarship could be the secret ingredient to fueling your college dreams.

Scholarship Overview:
  • Imagine: graduate high school and step onto a college campus with not only knowledge, but a hefty $20,000 scholarship in your pocket. Forget ramen nights and part-time hustles – the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship has got you covered.
  • Level: Undergraduate only
  • Institution: Any accredited US college or university. Think about your local state university, that prestigious art school across the country, or that hidden gem liberal arts college – your possibilities are endless!
  • Location: US residents only. Sorry international Coke fans, this is for American stars only.
  • Fields of Study: Open to All! Whether you’re a mathematician or a literary genius, the Foundation embraces the diversity of talent and passion that shapes the future.
  • Funding: One-time, non-renewable $20,000 scholarship. Think of it as a refresher, accelerating your educational journey without the burden of heavy loans.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Become a US Citizen or Permanent Resident: Show Your American Spirit!
  • High School Senior in the Graduating Class of 2025: Buckle up, Class of 2025, your time to shine is almost here!
  • A minimum GPA of 3.4 on a 4.0 scale (unweighted): Demonstrate your academic dedication, but remember, this scholarship prioritizes more than just grades.
  • Demonstrate leadership and involvement in community service: Show them that you’re not just a textbook hero, but someone who actively makes the world a better place. Volunteer, lead a club, even start your own initiative – your passion counts!
  • Strong academic record and standardized test scores (optional): While not mandatory, it never hurts to show off your academic credentials. Think of it as adding extra fizz to your application!
  • Passion to make a positive impact on the world: This is where the magic happens. Whether it’s tackling climate change, promoting social justice, or simply spreading kindness, let your unique flame shine!
Application Process:

Mark your calendars! Online application opens in August 2024 and closes in October 2024 . Don’t miss your chance to score this scholarship jackpot!

Collect your components: get ready to develop an amazing application! This includes essays showcasing your passion, letters of recommendation that sing your praises, academic transcripts that tell your story, and possibly test scores and leadership documents. Remember, quality over quantity – make your articles shine!

English please! All content must be submitted in the language of Shakespeare and Coca-Cola advertising.

Regional Interview Round: If you make it to the final round, prepare to wow the judges at the regional interview in February 2025. Consider it an opportunity to add that extra sparkle and leave a lasting impression.

Application Process:
  • Online application opens in August 2024 and closes in October 2024 .
  • Requires essays, letters of recommendation, academic transcripts, and potentially test scores and leadership documentation.
  • All materials and work must be submitted in English. Finalists will be invited to Atlanta, Georgia for a regional interview in February 2025.
Important Note:
  • Merit, not need, is key: This scholarship rewards your achievements and talents, not your bank account balance. So, even if the scholarship has not always changed your path, do not lose hope!
  • 150 Lucky Winners: From an amazing applicant pool, only 150 students will become Coca-Cola Scholars each year
  • College Freedom: Use your scholarship at any accredited US college or university. Choose your educational playground and chase your dreams!
  • Join the Cook Scholar Family: As a recipient, you’ll become part of a vibrant network of past scholars, make lifelong connections and learn from inspiring mentors.
More information:

Official Website:
Language Requirements: English
Application Information Link:
Deadline: October 2024

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