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Best Dissertation Award from the Central European University (CEU): recognition of outstanding doctoral research


The Central European University (CEU) Best Dissertation Award is a prestigious honor given to graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional academic contributions through their doctoral theses. Presented by CEU, this annual award aims to recognize and celebrate original research that not only advances knowledge in diverse fields, but also challenges conventional wisdom and opens up new perspectives of understanding.

In this article, we will explore the details of this prestigious award, its eligibility criteria, benefits, application process and its wider significance in encouraging innovative research in academia.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the CEU Award for Best Thesis, several criteria must be met:

Recent graduation: Doctoral theses must have been successfully defended in the current academic year or in the previous academic year.

Academic Excellence: The thesis should have received a grade of Low Loud or higher, indicating exceptional academic quality.

Previous Award Recipients: Students who have previously received an Advanced international doctoral student award are also eligible for nomination.

Benefits of the prize

The CEU Award for Best Thesis provides several benefits to its recipients:

Financial award: Each award comes with a financial award of €1,500, which recognizes and encourages outstanding research.

Support for academic publications: In addition to the cash prize, each recipient receives €200 to purchase relevant academic publications of their choice. This partnership enriches the CEU library and allows the winners to advance their academic pursuits.

international doctoral student award Application Process

The application process for the CEU Award for Best Thesis is well organized and comprehensive:

Nomination: Dissertations are usually nominated by the student’s supervisor, a person familiar with the quality and importance of the research.

Doctoral Program Committee (DPC): The DPC is responsible for collecting and evaluating nominations. If multiple students are nominated from the same programme, the DPC ranks the candidates to facilitate the selection process.

Extraordinary Nominations: In exceptional cases, nominations may be made by another academic who knows the student’s work well and can attest to its excellence.

Nomination Components: Documents required in nominations, such as a copy of the thesis, a letter of nomination from the supervisor describing the nature and merit of the work, a letter of recommendation from an accredited educational institution outside of CEU, and the student A copy of the entry. History.

Submission Deadline: Nominations must be submitted electronically by May 15 for review by the University’s Doctoral Committee.

Significance of the Award

The CEU Award for Best Thesis Thesis holds great significance in the academic community. It not only recognizes the hard work and dedication of graduate students but also promotes innovative and ground-breaking research in various fields. Here’s why this award is so important:

Promoting academic excellence: By rewarding outstanding research, CEU encourages students to strive for excellence in their doctoral work, thereby maintaining high academic standards.

Promoting interdisciplinary research: Emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches encourages scholars to explore new avenues of research and collaborate across disciplines, leading to holistic insights.

Supporting Social Justice: The CEU Best Dissertation Award also recognizes research that contributes to the understanding and practice of social justice, consistent with CEU’s commitment to social improvement.

Building a Repository of Knowledge: Funding scholarly publications not only benefits individual awardees but also strengthens the CEU library, creating a valuable resource for future generations of scholars.


The Best Dissertation Award from the Central European University (CEU) is a testament to CEU’s commitment to academic excellence, innovation and knowledge acquisition. Through this annual recognition, CEU honors graduate students who have engaged in rigorous research, made significant contributions to their respective fields, and pushed the frontiers of scholarship.

As we look forward to the next award cycle in 2024, it is clear that this initiative will continue to inspire and support the brightest minds in academia, fostering a culture of scholarly curiosity and innovative research.


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