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Asu military Active Duty and Reservist Scholarship : Unlocking Educational Opportunities

Higher education is a transformative journey, and Arizona State University (ASU) is committed to making that journey accessible to active duty military and reservists. The ASU Reserve and Active Military Service Scholarships are a testament to your dedication to those who serve our country. This article reviews various aspects of this scholarship program including its benefits, eligible areas of study, application process, and the commitment of this scholarship program to military personnel.

 ASU Scholarship Benefits for Active and Reserve Military Service

The ASU Active Duty Military and Reserves Commitment Scholarship is designed to provide significant financial support to online college students taking military tutoring (TA) classes.

The main benefits of this scholarship are:

Tuition Fee Coverage: The scholarship covers the remaining tuition fee per credit hour for eligible students. This financial support will greatly reduce the financial burden of studying at university.

Military Tuition Assistance: This scholarship complements the Military Tuition Assistance Program, enabling active duty and reservists to obtain a quality education at no additional cost.

Online Learning: ASU Online offers flexibility and access to accredited online college programs to help military personnel balance their military commitments and academic goals.

Field of Study

ASU Reserve and Active Duty Commitment Scholarships cover a wide range of study areas and meet the diverse interests and career aspirations of military students. These fields include, among others:

Business and Management: ASU offers a variety of business-related programs to train military students to develop leadership and management skills.

Technology and Engineering: For those interested in technology and engineering, ASU offers programs that foster innovation and technical skills.

Health and Healthcare: ASU’s health programs provide military students with the knowledge and skills they need for careers in the medical field, thereby serving the nation’s health care workforce.

Humanities and Social Sciences: Students interested in the humanities, social sciences, and humanities can explore programs that promote critical thinking and cultural understanding.

Education and Academics: ASU offers student-teacher programs that enable military personnel to make a difference in their education.

Departments covered.

The ASU Active Military and Reservists Commitment Scholarship supports online students in a variety of fields and disciplines. These departments reflect the university’s commitment to providing a comprehensive education for military personnel.

Business College: Military students interested in the business field have access to a wide range of resources and programs within the Business College.

Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering: The ASU engineering program trains military personnel to contribute to technological development and innovation.

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College: Aspiring teachers have access to programs that prepare them for the teaching profession.

Application process

The application process for the ASU Active and Reserve Commitment Scholarships is straightforward and easy to access for eligible students.

Eligibility Verification: Make sure you meet the scholarship requirements, such as being an online student taking military classes.

Military Tuition Aid (TA): This scholarships funded is designed to complement the Military Tuition Aid Program, so she must submit TA documentation at the start of each session.

Auto Add: Once ASU receives and processes your TA materials, your scholarship will be added directly to your My ASU account.

EXCLUSIVE USE: Please note that this scholarships funded is not intended to be used in conjunction with Chapter 33 of her GI bill post-9/11.

Getting Additional Information: For more information or questions about military service and degree programs offered by ASU, military students are encouraged to contact the ASU Online Military Enrollment Counselor at 1-866-277-6589.


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