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Echoing Green Fellowship Program: Empowering Changemakers for a Better World


The Echoing Green Fellowship Program is a dynamic initiative that empowers emerging leaders and organizations with the potential to create meaningful social change. This article will explore the key components of the program, its three distinct departments, the support provided to fellows, the selection process and eligibility criteria. With a mission to invest in people, not just ideas, Echoing Green is instrumental in fostering a global community of social entrepreneurs.

Scholarship Program: Ray of Hope

Unrestricted Early Stage Funding:

The Echoing Green Scholarship Program provides unrestricted seed funding to individuals and organizations committed to making a positive impact on society. This unique approach allows associates to focus on their mission without the limitations of pre-defined business plans.

Strategic Core Support:

In addition to financial support, the program provides strategic core support. Echoing Green believes that training the right people with the right ideas and execution skills leads to lifelong leadership. This support includes mentoring, guidance and resources to help fellows effectively achieve their goals.

Three Different Departments: Diverse Paths of Influence

1. Global Scholarship:

The Global Fellowship portfolio is open to leaders from anywhere in the world. It welcomes innovative solutions to a wide range of social problems. This portfolio provides change agents with a global platform to address critical challenges and drive meaningful change.

2. Blackmail Achievement (BMA) Scholarship:

The BMA Scholarship specifically supports leaders dedicated to improving the life outcomes of Black men and boys in the United States. The portfolio focuses on addressing systemic disparities and empowering marginalized communities.

3. Climate Scholarship:

The Climate Fellowship is designed for leaders around the world who are committed to climate change mitigation and adaptation. Support efforts to tackle one of the most pressing global challenges of our time.

Collaboration for All Colleagues: Empower Change Makers

Two years of dedicated support:

Each fellow, regardless of portfolio, receives two years of support and leadership development. A dedicated portfolio manager guides them throughout their journey, offering invaluable information and support.

Unlimited Financing:

Fellows receive $80,000 in unrestricted funding for individual projects and $90,000 for partnerships, allowing them to allocate resources where they are needed most.

Health Insurance and Professional Development:

Echoing Green goes beyond financial support: it provides a health insurance stipend and an annual professional development stipend, ensuring fellows can focus on their mission without worrying about their own well-being.

Pro Bono Networking and Partnerships:

Fellows gain access to a vibrant community of like-minded social entrepreneurs, public service leaders, and industry experts. They also have the opportunity to form pro bono partnerships, enriching their companies with valuable expertise and resources.

Secular Pastoral Support:

Echoing Green provides fellows with secular clergy support, helping them navigate the challenges and complexities of social business, ensuring their well-being and resilience.

Wide network:

Fellows join an extensive network of Echoing Green alumni, which includes more than 800 fellows from around the world. This network serves as a valuable resource for collaboration, sharing experiences, and increasing the impact of your initiatives.

Scholarship Selection: A Rigorous Process

Open Call for Applications:

Every year, Echoing Green hosts an open call for applications through its online portal. The call welcomes social entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and locations to share their innovative ideas.

Final Interviews:

An important step in the selection process is the finalist interviews, which take place in New York City. These face-to-face interactions allow Echoing Green to better understand applicants and their plans.

Scholarship Announcement:

The 2019 fellows were announced in the summer of that year, at the end of the election cycle. These new fellows represent a diverse group of change-makers with a shared commitment to making a difference in the world.

Eligibility: Who can apply?

For applicants:

  • Age Requirement: Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, demonstrating the need for a certain level of maturity and commitment.
  • English Proficiency: Fluency in English is essential for effective communication and collaboration.
  • Full-time commitment: Applicants must be able to dedicate a full 40-hour work week to their organization, reflecting the seriousness of their commitment.

For organizations:

  • Originality: The organization must be original to the applicant, emphasizing the importance of innovation and personal vision.
  • Startup Phase: To benefit from startup phase program support, the organization must be in its startup phase, usually within the first two years of operation.
  • Independence: Organizations should be independent and autonomous, which will allow them to make decisions consistent with their mission.
  • Legal Structure: Organizations can be non-profit, non-profit, or hybrid, recognizing diverse approaches to solving social problems.
  • Partnerships Welcome: The program includes partnerships, which allow groups of people to apply for scholarships.
  • Idea Phase Eligible: Even organizations still in the idea phase are eligible, emphasizing the program’s commitment to fostering early-stage companies.


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